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Deadly Sins: A Political Anthology


Election day is one week away and the polls are not looking favorable for Presidential candidate Mitchell William Rush. With his eye on the White House, he's desperate for what becoming President would mean for him, so desperate that there's nothing he wouldn't do to insure his win. Nothing...So when a stranger approaches him with an offer he can't refuse, will he go for it to guarantee his term in office or will he end up getting much more than he bargained for?


Excerpt:   "Tomorrow you promise yourself will be different, yet tomorrow is too often a repetition of today." — James T. McKay


Monday morning, the day before the Presidential election, Mitchell Rush woke at five a.m. and laid in bed staring at the ceiling, wondering how the hell he got to this place in his life. The last six days seemed like a blur, but the one thing he remembers most is that he hasn’t managed to seal the deal on winning the Presidency.


What sin would you commit to secure your passion? We chose all seven. Order your copy to see what Mitch did with his choices. And while relaxing with this great read, enjoy your special gift of Washing Your Sins Away.  Place your order, now!  Price includes shipping. 

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