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Week 12

Posted on October 7, 2011 at 1:50 PM

From the author of Shelter Me--a funny and poignant novel about having your heart in the right place.


Newly divorced Dana Stellgarten has always been unfailingly nice- even to telemarketers-but now her temper is wearing thin. Money is tight, her kids are reeling from their dad's departure, and her Goth teenage niece has just landed on her doorstep. As she enters the slipstream of post-divorce romance and is befriended by the town queen bee, Dana finds that the tension between being true to yourself and being liked doesn't end in middle school... and that sometimes it takes a real friend to help you embrace adulthood in all its flawed complexity.

Touch by Envy Red available on Amazon

Buckle your seatbelts and prepare for an exhilarating journey set in our nation's capital where professionals indulge in more than their six figure careers. Through an erotic world of fantasy that almost crumbles at the hands of a sexual predator and serial killer, the shocking pasts of five individuals cross, and the page turning mystery that is Touch is told. Sidney, Nina, and Jade are three best friends from very different backgrounds who are active participants in the lifestyle, an exclusive underground swinger's network, where professionals secretly gather to satisfy their carnal desires.

When well known local celebrity and event planner Marcel Bennett is found brutally murdered after a lavish event, the connection to a series of serial killings is made and threatens to shake their foundation. Kenny aka "King", is the troubled yet artistically talented younger brother of Sidney who is determined to shake his country roots and the demons he left behind. Will a gripping fear of success and mental baggage be his ultimate downfall or just the push he needs to move forward? Enter Devine, a local upscale health club owner, who just may be ready to settle down but not before being faced with demons from his own past including secrets held by his overbearing father, a high profiled city councilman. Watch as their pasts cross and their futures are forever altered when the mind blowing conclusion to this thrilling mystery unfolds, leaving you clinging to the edge of your seat.

A Girl Called Nikki

A Girl Called Nikki by K.L. Davis available on Amazon

It’s not easy being a teenager, and when the passage to adulthood is paved with sex and drugs, it makes the coming of age even more difficult for those involved. Shaye, Brenda and Nikki are all seventeen, beautiful, and caught up in living secret lives that no one their age should be living.


When Shaye’s mother was killed by a drunk driver, it left her to be raised by her father, a novice junkie who would do anything for his next fix; including pimping out his daughter’s best friend. The only comfort Shaye has in life is the forbidden love affair she shares with Rahim. While Shaye struggles to keep secrets concerning her relationship, her friend Brenda’s problems are ones that aren’t as easy to hide. Strung out on heroin and pregnant, Brenda fights daily with the fact that she will soon be a teen mom by a man who does not want kids at all; especially ones that will be born addicted to heroin. The loss of innocence for these young ladies begins with bad choices and from a willingness to follow the actions of Nikki Bradley; the most experienced of the threesome. Streetwise and intelligent, Nikki has baggage of her own which lands her in a brothel in Miami to work off a debt she incurred under Marcus, one of the most notorious drug dealers in Virginia.

Three young girls in three struggles for survival which start a chain of events that changes all of their lives forever.

K.L. Davis takes you on a fast-paced journey through the lives of impressionable young girls who each experience a loss of their innocence to the streets. In a story that is full of twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat, secret lives will unfold as a dramatic story is told of following the lead of A Girl Called Nikki.

Born in Sarajevo

Born in Sarajevo by Snjezana Marinkovic available on Amazon

When first barricades and first gun shots occurred in the capitol of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo, I was seventeen years old. It was the year 1992, and one of the worst mass killings in the history of mankind began. At that time, my family, my friends, my neighbors, and I were still unaware that we will lose all privileges related to peace. People of this country, which was called Yugoslavia, proudly holding the title of the biggest and the wealthiest Balkan country, started losing their freedom, their homes and their lives. I, as any other teen, knew about war only from movies and video games until my first encounter with those whose intention was not to act or play but to overpower, destroy and kill.

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